Everything is changing. Including the work that we do. We want to lead that change and take our entire industry into a new era. That’s why, already in 2012, we developed a new business model where all creative work is done by our carefully selected trusted freelancers of various backgrounds, skills and nationalities. They all have their own superpowers and expertise.
We call them what they are. The Specialists.


Because this allows us to find the best possible Specialist to any client or case, which leads into faster, better and more cost-effective end-result. For once in this business, everybody truly wins. In-house creatives is old school. We are Superson. The inventors of new school. The rebels of marketing communications and the defenders of all kinds of equality.
This is the new world order.





Hand-picked teams of creatives. Always the best talent to meet the clients needs across all platforms and channels.
More creative and cost effective concepts, strategies, campaigns and branding. Instead of months or weeks, we can get things done in days or even in hours. Everybody saves time, money and nerves.



True freedom, honest independency,
more enjoyable work and a better pay.
Our Specialists are, and always will
be, a vital part of our company.
They define and complete us.



A new business model more suitable
for the modern world. We want
to shape this entire industry and be
a part of the transformation that will
revolutionize the global work culture.


Sami Sykkö

Conceptual Planner

This right here is a stylish fact we are fairly confident about: Our Conceptual Planner Sami Sykkö must have the biggest spectacle frames that this slowly transforming industry of ours has seen since the days of Don Draper, Peggy Olson and the other mad men and women of Madison Avenue. Sami is also a person of many other useful talents. He’s creative, precise, thorough, easygoing and extremely funny to work with. Sami has remarkably strong background in written journalism (he once was the very first male editor-in-chief of the Vogue Finland magazine) and broadcast media. Those experiences have taught him about the importance of emotional and original yet accurate and truthful storytelling that is a vital part of modern marketing communications as well.

For our clients Sami does a wide range of projects from journalistic writing (he was in charge of the RadioMedia’s annual publication Signaaleja) and communications and conceptual planning to marketing strategies. Sami is also well known of his public speaking skills and acts as a regular visitor on the Finnish prime time tv shows giving insight on topics like design, fashion, architecture and food culture. Like all of our Specialists, Sami too appreciates the support, challenges, freedom and responsibilities that our revolutionary creative model brings to our trusted freelancers in Finland and Singapore.

Based in Helsinki, Sami is in full control of his calendar. He’s the one who decides how much he wants to work with us, when and for which client. It’s a perfect match really and we go way back, the two of us, all the way to the year 2013 when our company had just been founded. That makes Sami one of the very first Specialists that we’ve ever had. It’s been a good ride so far. We’ve grown as a company. He (and his marvelous spectacles) has grown as an all-around Specialist that we and our clients deeply value. And the best part is that our common journey continues.

Hanna Reinikainen

Communications Planner

This is how this particular Specialist story begins: Ever since she learnt how to read Hanna Reinikainen has been a friend of books from poems to short stories to science fiction to actual science. Today Hanna is not only one of our most trusted, diligent and versatile Communications Planners with a special interest towards artificial intelligence but also a doctoral student of corporate communications at the University of Jyväskylä concentrating on social capital and social media influencers. A skeptical mind might argue that those two worlds, academics and advertising, are half a universe apart, but we dare to disagree. The same rules and principles that apply in science can almost always be found in the work that we do. Besides, it’s hardly a negative thing to bring some PHD-level knowledge into advertising. After all, one of the fundamental challenges in our industry is that the traditional agencies are still too often made of people with unnecessarily similar backgrounds and thought processes.

Hanna has been working with us since 2016 and like all of our Specialists she too seeks freedom. A fair possibility to be able to work according to her own needs, hopes and schedules. Hanna is also a text book (to use expression we found strangely amusing) example of how varied and diverse our global Specialist network already is. We have people of different ages, races, professions, genres, languages and nationalities. We value every one of them and feel privileged to be able offer our Specialists inspiring yet pleasant work with regular income so that they can pursue their dreams outside of Superson too.

This is how this particular story ends: One day Hanna will receive her doctorate degree but she has promised to continue working with us. Perhaps with ice-cream brands that are her sweet super expertise. This our promise to Hanna. Whenever she visits our Helsinki or Singapore offices we’ll make sure there’s a new book for her to read and enough ice-cream to have. Always.

Antti J Peltonen

Creative Strategist

Antti J. is a work rebel. Someone who wears his signature baseball cap 24/7 and rarely works (or wakes up) before 10 am. He doesn’t believe in five-day weeks, eight-hour days or monthly paychecks but appreciates the freedom, trust and challenges that the Superson Specialist Model provides. He travels a lot, from New York to Berlin to Singapore to Tokyo, and works on the road using email, Skype, fax and other forms of advanced communication. He doesn’t call it “remote work”. He simply calls it “work” and we are absolutely ok with all that. Somehow he’s still able to attend kick-offs, meetings and workshops and form close connections with our clients whom he visits regularly.

Antti J. is an adventurous soul and a curious mind who has lived in five countries and studied social sciences in three universities. Once he played soccer for living, then spent years in top feature journalism before switching to advertising. Today he’s one of the most successful independent Creative Directors in Finland who works locally and globally with projects often related to equality, sustainability, urbanization, human rights and brand responsibilities. He knows a thing or two about history and pop culture and uses that knowledge as his creative tool. He’s also a break ruler who doesn’t only think outside the box but blows up the box. Neither is he one of those who always says “yes” when someone undoubtedly should say “no”. He asks questions, even unpleasant and dumb, and is not afraid to disagree. But all this Antti J. manages to do in friendly manners with kindness and empathy in his (tone) of voice. He’s also surprisingly good listener.

Since 2017 Antti J. has been one of our most popular Specialists who does copywriting, strategy, branding, conceptual planning and script writing in English and in Finnish. He’s a modern-day storyteller who believes in bigger purpose than just selling or making profit. When in Helsinki he visits us constantly and eats all of our fruits. It’s cool. If mandatory, he can even wake up before 10 am. We’ve seen it happen. It’s magic.

Jussi Turhala


Diamonds from words. That is what Jussi Turhala has provided to his clients since 1989 when he first started in this business. Back then the world surely was different. The Berlin Wall was still up. The very first Nokia phone had just been introduced. EU did not exist and Donald J. Trump was happily virtually unknown. Luckily for us all, Jussi himself hasn’t changed that dramatically. He still believes in the art of storytelling, importance of ideas and the power of creative braveness.

At some point of his career he also realized that all those successful years (remember that Finnish Gigantti launch in 2000?) that Jussi spent at the biggest advertising agencies in Finland had to come to an end. That the business model of those traditional agencies was outdated. That there was a new world of opportunities outside the 9 to 5 culture waiting. That he was simply tired and bored of sitting at the office five days a week attending senseless meetings. Today, as one of our most used Specialists, he still recognizes the importance of experience, networking and connections but he also values the freedom, trust and hassle-free environment that Superson’s unique Specialist Model provides.

Anyone who have ever met Jussi knows that he’s a person of smiles, laughs and humor. Someone who offers “meeting-free eco-copy-services” and whose “manifest” on his home page is a branding masterpiece itself. But Jussi is also a person of humanity. A forever curious and endlessly ambitious Helsinki-based Copywriter who understands the value of bringing growth into his client’s business. In fact, everything Jussi does is about the client. Never about himself, never about the agency but always about the client. We have been perfectly in sync with that ideology since 2014 when our co-operation with Jussi started. We have a secret dream. That Jussi stays as our Specialist for the next 50 years. Interesting times ahead. For both of us.

Aleksi Mustonen

Graphic Designer

If life had taken a different gear and turn (and we do mean literally) Aleksi Mustonen, just like his childhood friend and a fellow karting competitor Valtteri Bottas, could now be one of the fastest Formula One drivers in the world. Instead Aleksi gave out his racing dreams at the age of 20 and has since become one of the most versatile youngish graphic designers in Finland. Career for him, however, means something more meaningful than spending decades at the traditional agencies. So, after good five years at the hasan & partners Aleksi decided it was time for him to get out of the office and take control of his professional life.

Like all of our Specialists Aleksi too enjoys the trust, community, support and flexibility that the Superson Specialist Model offers. Being a freelancer brings other benefits too. Pay is one of them. More Aleksi works with us, more he earns, which seems more than fair to all parties involved. Working with different clients has also taught him a lot about the present stage of our industry. Today Aleksi does various kinds of projects but corporate identities and sports branding specifically are his specialty (Aleksi was instrumental in the team that rebranded the Finnish national hockey league called Liiga in 2013).

Being a former athlete in the world class karting racing has been a good learning experience in his current position too. Aleksi is very well accustomed to importance of discipline, goal setting, hard work and, at times, fair criticism. In fact, being an entrepreneur is a form of race that Aleksi takes very seriously. At the same time, he (as all of our Specialists) is having fun while doing it. That’s exactly the way we like it. Work hard, smile harder, be happy. We’ll try to do the same. Aleksi has been with us since 2018. He’s based in Finland and is a familiar sight at our Helsinki offices. Every time he enters that door, we hope to treat him like he’s coming home. Because home is where the Specialist is.