How to raise the awareness of Peroni and get the brand associated with fashion and style


Raise the awareness of Peroni and get the brand associated with fashion and style in the Finnish market. Our target group was fashionistas and urban millennials. 

We also aimed to reach a sufficient number of influencers who could strengthen Peroni's image as an elegant & stylish Italian brand and also convince their followers. 


As influencer marketing is really expensive we wanted to do something that would get influencers interested organically. 

So we launched open recruitment in social media where we started to look for the most stylish Finn to be our Peroni Style Ambassador. 

All they had to do to enter was to add #peronifinland to their most stylish Instagram photo and they were in. 

We had a few hand-picked media partners to promote the campaign. Mediums that we knew would reach our core target group and also the influencers. Besides social media, Peroni was also present in a few fashion-related events in Finland. 


Peroni Nastro Azzurro has been brewed by generations of Italians with the same quality, attention to detail and craftsmanship since 1963 – the decade in which most iconic Italian brands were born. Designed with passion, creativity and flair, its authentic crisp and refreshing taste appeals to the most sophisticated of consumers.



Brand Awareness: +46 %
Association with style: +38%

​Over 150 entries with the #peronifinland.

Almost all the applicants were at least micro-influencers with +1000 followers. (Some of them even had following up to +20k).

​We truly managed to get the attention of influencers by creating engaging content. 


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