How to increase brand love?


This year Kingis wanted to increase brand love and became a relevant brand for target group of 15-20 year olds.

The goal was to gain position #1 in ice cream snack category. 


We created new concept for Kingis called "Suurella sydämellä", which translates roughly into "with a big heart".

We started the whole concept with package and stick renewal. The sticks f.ex had little messages encouraging people to do small acts of kindness, like calling your grandma. 

Then Kingis collaborated with 4 Finnish YouTubers who produced original content around the concept. The co-op included: YouTube-video, Instagram posts, visit in radio NRJ's morning show and small activation for their followers. 

Besides social media we also contacted traditional media and got few newspapers to wrote about the campaign. On top of everything Superson also organized consumer promotions around Helsinki.


Kingis is a Finnish classic snack ice cream which is familiar to almost every Finn. Founded in 1980's and currently owned by Unilever.

kingis case image wide 2


Our campaign was success. Sales of Kingis grew 29% faster than other ice cream snacks in the category.

We gained 59% awarness rate among our target group and 78% liked our promotions. 

Image factors about Kingis:
Trendy +371%
Open-minded +280%
"Brightens my day" +79%

29 %

Faster growth compared to competitors

59 %

Awarness rate among our target group

kingis case image square
kingis case image square4

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