How to strengthen a brand image and raise the number of customers to a new level?


The task was to brighten the brand of the private cancer
hospital, grow its reputation and gain new customers.

Target group: high-income, mainly those living in the capital
region, cancer patients and their close ones.


We updated the corporate identity, advertising and so forth,
through nationwide radio advertising and communication.


Docrates Cancer Center, based in Helsinki, Finland, is a leading international treatment facility specialising in the diagnostics, treatment and follow-up of cancers. The hospital opened its doors in 2007.

At Docrates, cancer patients receive individual service under one roof throughout the duration of the treatment and follow-up.

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85 % of people who hear the advertisements know the product / have heard of the advertised product.

44 % of people who hear the advertisements easily recognized the advertiser amongst others.

24 % of people who hear the advertisements searched for more information out of interest.

85 %

Ad Recognition Rate

44 %

Brand Recognition Rate

24 %

Follow-up Rate

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