A-lehdet: How to refresh Apu brand?

Task: Apu is Finland’s largest weekly periodical with 85 years of history. It is well-known, but the brand needed refreshment in order to reach new audiences. Social responsibility is deep in the brands DNA: Apu was established to help the unemployed who used to sell it.

Challenge: The new target group of readers consider the content of the periodical relevant and interesting, but they don’t find the brand appealing.

Solution: We went back to the very roots and created a campaign that reminds of the importance of helping others. The campaign searches and rewards ordinary people and groups who have put up charity projects. Volunteers are rewarded each month.

Instead of a commercial film, the well-known documentary director Joonas Berghäll created a documentary film called “Viittakujan naiset” for the campaign. The documentary tells the story of a volunteer group of women who helped their neighbours after their houses was totally destroyed in a fire. The campaign also includes print, web and social media material.

The campaign ends in February 2018.

More info: maria.isokangas-huiko@superson.fi