Superson Turns 4

Superson has turned four years old and we're doing just fine! According to child health professionals, 4-year-olds are in a very interesting growth stage. So let’s see what they say how Superson should be doing at this age:

“As a whole 4-year-old is becoming more social and may now be able to cooperate with his or her friends and begin to show problem-solving skills.” (Yes, indeed!)

“Questions, questions, and more questions! While it may be annoying at times, asking questions is a normal developmental milestone.” (Please clients, bear with us, it’s for your own good.)

“A 4-year-old should be able to speak clearly and in complete sentences, pretend and fantasize more creatively and tell stories” (that’s us!).

“Count, and understand the concept of counting (analytical thinking), sort objects by shape and color (graphic design skills), bend over without falling (for our clients), dress and undress without your help (no prove of this so far), show affection for family and friends (❤️), show a wide range of emotions, such as being sad, angry, happy, or bored (well, some days are better and some days are more challenging).

Superson Turns 4

So, there you have it! Superson is just a loveable little 4-year-old. Let the pediatricians sum it all up: “A 4-year-old is finally listening to you and it is a time for the imagination to run wild. Your 4-year-old will continue to grow and develop in many ways in the coming year!”